Bioanalytical Unit

Bioanalytical Unit


Analyst has established a bioanalytical unit to provide analytical support for bioequivalence, pharmacokinetic and clinical studies.
Full analytical support for pre-clinical, clinical, in-vitro and in-vivo studies.
  • Method development - many years of proven experience
  • Method validation according to the US-FDA guidelines
  • High volume capacity - 30,000 samples per year
  • See list of validated methods
The unit is equipped with:
  • LC-MS-MS (Waters 2795HT, Micromass quattro ultima Pt and Waters e2795 Alliance HT, Micromass Quattro Premier XE )
  • LC-MS (Agilent model 1100 LC/MSD)
  • Modern sample preparation systems
  • Various chromatographic apparatus
  • Method Developmen
  • Method Validation
  • High Volume
  • In vitro testing
  • • Stability and recovery for whole blood
  •  Stability in plasma and serum.

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